All pros must be scanned no more than 8 hours after delivery. Although the Panther deadline may be different, DO NOT wait until the end of the week to scan your pros!

Each pro should be scanned under a separate cover sheet. All documents pertaining to a pro should be scanned together with that pro bill & BOL. Scan all pages in the same direction. Please write your truck number and pro number on each page you scan.

Documents should be scanned in the following order:

  • Cover sheet
  • Pro bill
  • BOL
  • Fuel receipts
  • Toll receipts (if any)
  • Miscellaneous (receipts, etc.)

The easiest way to submit paperwork is to use the Panther App.

Panther will give you the information you need for the Panther App.
To scan; choose which load you want to scan paperwork for from the Pending Paperwork tab, then follow the prompts to submit your paperwork.


REMEMBER: All maintenance receipts and DOT inspections should be scanned under a separate cover sheet. DOT inspections must be scanned within 24 hours of the inspection!