You are swapping loads with another truck and need to complete a pro bill

The Pro Bill is an invoice the driver completes detailing what Panther owes Tempus Transport for a particular load. The Pro Bill does not pertain to driver pay, which is based on the rate per mile in your driver agreement. If you have any questions or problems filling out your Pro Bill, call Tempus Transport.

When filling out a Pro Bill, please be sure to include the following:
a. Pro #
b. Trailer # LEAVE BLANK
c. Truck #
d. DH# (from ‘you have accepted’ macro on QC)
e. EM#
f. Shipper & CNS name & address
g. Pieces, Description & Weight (from BOL)
h. Charges: (Here, please include the FSC, Detention, Stop Offs, if any, and any additional items listed on the confirmation macro such as Layover, Bonus, Other, Tolls)
i. Dates & Times of Pick Up & Delivery.

These dates should be taken directly from your QC out box (If Detention is due, please circle the appropriate times and write in the appointment time). Remember, all appointments are Eastern Time, regardless of which time zone you are actually in.