You Have a Truck-Related Expense

All truck-related expenses incurred by drivers are reimbursed by Tempus Transport. Some examples of truck expenses are: oil, washer fluid, load bars, straps, etc. Any reimbursable expenses will be reimbursed when the pro pays. Your fuel card can be used for most of these purchases. If the fuel card is not accepted, be sure to get an itemized receipt and submit according to the following procedure:

  • Write your name and truck number on your receipt,
  • Submit the receipt to Tempus Transport.

Non-reimbursable expenses include personal-use items, such as cleaning supplies, work gloves, air fresheners, etc. If you are not sure if it is reimbursable, call your Driver Liaison before you make the purchase.

Anytime you incur an expense that is load-related (lumper fee, freight release, etc.) call the driver hotline (888-390-7099) to obtain a T-chek. Make sure you obtain an itemized receipt and follow the procedure above. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for any expenses not reimbursed by Panther.


Truck Washes

Tempus Transport has a national account with Blue Beacon Truck Washes. Tell the clerk that you are a Tempus Transport Driver. You will be asked to complete a small form with your name, truck number, etc. Remember to get a receipt and submit to Tempus Transport.

When driving a tractor trailer, only get the tractor washed under the Tempus Transport account. Panther trailers should not be washed on the Tempus Transport account. They fall under the Panther account.


Orientation Expenses

Tempus Transport will cover the cost of getting started as a driver. These startup expenses include:

  • Drug screen
  • Physical
  • Placement on truck

Drivers will also receive a sign-on bonus after acceptance of first load.


Hazmat and Tanker Reimbursement

Hazmat and Tanker endorsements are strongly encouraged and recommended. Contact your local DMV for details regarding the procedure for obtaining a Hazmat and Tanker endorsement in your state. Tempus Transport will reimburse Hazmat and Tanker testing fees, background check fees, and fingerprinting fees if completed within your first 90 days. Receipts for Hazmat and Tanker expenses must be clearly marked with the driver’s name and must be scanned via Transflo. Reimbursement is disbursed at the rate of $50 per week. Any Hazmat or Tanker expenses dated after the first 90 days will not be reimbursed.


Load Specific Purchases

If you are told by a Panther Dispatcher that your load requires specific items, such as bars, straps, shrink wrap, lumper fees, etc. please contact Tempus Transport via the driver hotline (888-390-7099) immediately.