You Incur Tolls

Tempus Transport requests toll reimbursement from Panther on all loads. It is essential that drivers document toll reimbursement on all pro bills. Write the word “tolls” under charges on all pro bills, whether or not you anticipate tolls being incurred.

Never take the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) without prior authorization from Tempus Transport.

We will help you with the route to avoid the PA Turnpike. If you choose to take the PA Turnpike when unnecessary, you will be responsible for any tolls and fees incurred along the way.

Tempus Transport drivers are never responsible for the cost of tolls when they properly follow all procedures. All trucks are equipped with 2 BestPass Transponders. These transponders are accepted in most states that contain toll roads. Please see the coverage map below.

Other States: When you travel in states not accepted by BestPass, simply pay tolls as they are incurred, and submit receipts for reimbursement. Mark the toll receipt with the driver’s name so we know who to reimburse. Tolls are reimbursed when the pro pays. If extensive toll expenditures are anticipated, a cash advance for tolls can be arranged. Call the driver hotline (888-390-7099) for approval.

Several states (TX, FL, CA, among others) have instituted new systems that require a special transponder. Often one lane (usually the far-left lane) will be a toll lane on an otherwise non-toll highway. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from these lanes.  Drivers who incur tolls on these toll lanes are responsible for tolls and any fines associated with the toll.