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Home Time

Drivers must be out on the road for a minimum of two weeks before they are eligible for hometime. Keep in mind that the drivers who stay out on the road for longer periods increase their earning potential!

The table below shows how many days of hometime you earn per week out on the road.

To Schedule Hometime

At least 2 weeks prior to your desired hometime start date, complete a hometime request form.

Drivers must call the Tempus Transport driver hotline (888-390-7099) no later than 08:00 on the scheduled return date to make arrangements to get back into the truck. If a driver fails to make arrangements to get back to a truck on the scheduled return date, all outstanding pay will be held until the driver returns to the truck.

When hometime is properly scheduled, Tempus Transport will make every effort to help drivers secure load(s) heading toward the hometime location. There is no guarantee that a driver will be home on the date scheduled.

Definite Hometime

Drivers may earn one Definite Hometime Credit per quarter. To earn a Definite Hometime Credit (DHTC), a driver must have an availability rating of no less than 85% for the quarter. The DHTC must be used during the quarter immediately following the quarter in which it was earned. With a DHTC, a driver can indicate a definite date he or she wants hometime to begin. Tempus Transport will bear the cost of transportation home only when the driver has redeemed a DHTC.

A quarter (Q) refers to one-fourth of a year. The four quarters that make up the year are January, February, and March (Q1); April, May, and June (Q2); July, August, and September (Q3); and October, November, and December (Q4).

When using a DHTC, all criteria governing standard hometime remain in effect (number of days home, two-week notice, return policy). All driver advances will be deducted from the driver settlement immediately preceding scheduled hometime. No advances will be given two weeks before or after hometime.

Please note that unused credits do not roll over from quarter to quarter—you must use your credit in the quarter immediately following the one in which it was earned. For example, if you earn a DHTC in March, you must plan to take definite hometime sometime in April, May, or June, or you would lose that credit.

Driver Pay During Hometime

All driver advances will be deducted from the driver settlement immediately preceding scheduled hometime. Any advance requests made 2 weeks before or after scheduled hometime will not be considered.

Occ/Acc Insurance remains active when a driver is on hometime. Driver will be responsible for normally scheduled Occ/Acc premium payments. If hometime is scheduled for longer than 2 weeks, the respective Occ/Acc premium payments will be withheld from the last settlement due to the driver.

If a driver fails to return to the truck as scheduled, outstanding settlements will be withheld until driver is available on a truck.

Emergency Hometime Assistance

In the event of a medical emergency or death in a driver’s immediate family, Tempus Transport will assist the driver in getting home as soon as possible. Immediate family includes spouse, child, and/or parent. Assistance may include a pay advance to help with the purchase of a bus or airline ticket home and/or transportation to the bus station or airport. It is the driver’s responsibility to make all travel arrangements. Any additional expenses incurred by Tempus Transport will be treated as a cash advance to the driver and will be deducted from the driver’s next available settlement statement. Tempus Transport requires a written doctor’s note or a copy of death certificate when using emergency hometime. Please e-mail the documentation to

Tempus Transport will make every effort to support you in your time of grief or family emergency. However, arrangements must be made with Tempus Transport to fulfill the commitment to your current load and any pre-dispatched loads before you leave the truck. In most cases, your co-driver will be able to deliver the load or a swap can be arranged. All plans must be approved by Tempus Transport prior to your departure from the truck.


Remember: Do not put yourself on HomeTyme with Panther!