Truck Switch Guide

Before a driver switches trucks, he/she should ALWAYS complete a Vehicle Condition Form. This applies to any time a driver gets onto a different truck, whether it is the first truck they have ever driven with Tempus Transport, or it is a new truck assignment. In order to protect yourself as a driver, and to not be responsible for any damages that may have occurred to the truck BEFORE you got onto the truck, complete the Vehicle Condition Form.

Any time a driver is leaving a truck, whether to go on hometime or to get into a different truck, that driver should make sure the truck he/she is leaving is left in good condition. Take a moment to remove any and all trash that may be in the truck. If the truck needs to be washed, take the opportunity to stop at a Blue Beacon before leaving the truck. Anything a driver can do to leave a more comfortable space for the next driver is greatly appreciated.