Spring showers bring more than April flowers

Spring showers bring more than April flowers

Although it may officially be spring, drivers are not out of the hole (or mud) just yet! As we enter into spring shower season, there are different hazards drivers should be alert for. The biggest concern is hydroplaning; with straight trucks and tractor trailers, the risk is far bigger than for other vehicles. Hydroplaning occurs when the tires lose grip of the road and begin to skid uncontrollably. To avoid this risk, take the following preventative measures:

  • Make sure tires are properly inflated
  • Tires should be checked regularly to ensure proper tread depth
  • Replace worn tires
  • ALWAYS stay alert

Springtime hazards do not stop at hydroplaning; with the excess rain, the ground becomes softer, which may increase your odds of getting stuck in the mud. This can occur quickly in parking lots or even on the berm of the road. A great way to prevent this problem in general is to step out of the truck and walk the area to ensure the ground is not soft.

Stay safe out there!

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