Drivers: Check your blind spots

Drivers: Check your blind spots

Blind spots are more of a concern than you may think. With commercial truck drivers hauling large trailers, blind spots become a more important and challenging issue. Because of this, drivers should be alert and take extra precautions if any vehicles or objects may be in their way. Backing in and out of docks may be where drivers find the most trouble, and avoiding obstructions can be difficult but not impossible. Knowing where your blind spots are, adjusting your mirrors correctly, and double checking before moving are vital areas of review.

Sometimes, trucks are not always covered by a cushion of space between objects, but it’s critical to maintain a safety circle. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in damage to the side steps and APUs on our trucks due to mistakes when squeezing trucks into tight spaces. Drivers can help save the headaches and avoid the issues by staying alert and being aware of your surroundings.

Stay safe out there!

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