Driver FAQs

Who is Tempus Transport?

Tempus Transport is a leading expedite fleet owner powered by over-the-road drivers. Our drivers are our top priority and the lifeblood of the trucking world. We specialize in providing power units to national carriers who provide us with some of the best freight-hauling opportunities in the industry. As a fleet built by former drivers, we provide drivers with unprecedented support on the road, helping them learn how to run efficiently and profitably.

What will I be hauling?

FAK, Freight All Kinds.

The bulk of the expedite industry is made up of auto parts and other manufacturing needs, but you could be hauling anything that is safe and legal. We also haul a lot of pharmaceuticals and high-value freight. Expedite trucks provide shippers with solutions for time-sensitive, security, and single-transit demands. We've moved everything from a single LCD display across country to medical supplies across town.

What kind of equipment do you have?

All of our straight trucks are automatic transmission Freightliner Cascadias, 2015 and newer. They all have double-bunk sleepers and small snack refrigerators. Our trucks also have inverters and APUs.

Our tractor-trailers are mostly 2015 or newer Freightliner Cascadias. They are almost all 10 speeds. We do have one automated transmission.

Are the trucks governed?

Straight trucks are governed at 64 MPH. Tractors are governed at 68 MPH.

How much money can I make?

Tractor drivers:

Tractor-trailer drivers are paid based on a 40/60 revenue split.

Straight-truck drivers:

Our straight-truck drivers are paid based on a 40/60 revenue split. For team trucks, 40% is divided between the two team members.

Can I run solo in a straight truck?

We do not have any solo positions available for straight trucks. Expedited freight requires that the truck be available to pick up a load at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day. We have 2 drivers in each of our trucks so that there is always a driver who has available hours.

Most of our tractor drivers are solos, but we also take pre-established teams.

What startup expenses will I incur?

We offer a virtual orientation. We pay for all other orientation costs, including your DOT physical and drug screen, and all orientation materials.

Do you offer training?

All drivers are required to complete a 2 day virtual orientation. While we do not offer driver training we do place new drivers with experienced drivers.

Tractor drivers must have verifiable over-the-road experience. If you have a Class A CDL but need more experience, you may qualify for our straight-truck-to-tractor program. Qualified applicants can move from a straight truck to tractor in as little as six months.

What does it mean to be an independent contractor driver?

As an independent contractor, you are running your own business. We have chosen to structure our company this way because we’ve found that successful drivers prefer the freedom to negotiate their own loads. That means we don’t use forced dispatch. We provide you with all the tools and resources to succeed in the expedite industry, and you have no financial risk when a truck breaks down (like an owner-operator does). It’s up to you to put in the work and go after your own success!

As an independent contractor, you will not have any taxes withheld from your pay and will receive a 1099 form from us at tax time. There are several tax advantages available to drivers working as independent contractors. We recommend that you get advice from a qualified tax advisor. Because we do not withhold local, state, or federal taxes from driver pay, our drivers typically make arrangements to make estimated quarterly tax payments.

Do I have to get my hazmat and tanker endorsements?

These endorsements are not required but are highly recommended! There are several advantages to adding hazmat and tanker to your license as a Tempus Transport driver:

  1. If you add both endorsements during your first 90 days, we will reimburse your costs.
  2. Once both endorsements are on your license, you will receive an automatic 5 cents per mile increase to your rate.
  3. Having Hazmat and Tanker endorsements will give you more miles, allowing you to make more money!

How do I get my hazmat endorsement?

The testing and qualification process for obtaining a hazmat endorsement varies from state to state. Click here to download our easy reference guide with specific instructions for your state.

Do you have any regional or dedicated loads?

Straight truck drivers pull freight all over the continental U.S. Tractor drivers have the ability to take regional or dedicated loads. Speak with a recruiter to learn more.

Do you take on drivers from any state?

We primarily recruit east of the Mississippi, and we don't use your home state as the basis for matching you up with a teammate.

How much home time can drivers take?

Drivers earn one day of home time for each week out on the road, with bonus days accruing after four weeks out. We prefer drivers stay out at least 3-4 weeks at a time; our top-earning drivers stay out 6 weeks at a time.

I have a felony conviction on my record. Can I qualify?

Possibly. It depends on how much time has passed and the type of charges. Certain offenses will automatically disqualify you with Panther and/or the FMSCA. For others, you may qualify after a period of time has passed, typically 7 years after the wrap-up date (fine paid, probation completed, etc.). Please contact a recruiter to discuss your specific circumstances and whether you can qualify.

English is not my first language. Can I qualify?

Yes. We look for drivers who can speak, read, and write English well enough to accomplish the communication parts of the job (such as speaking with driver liaisons and completing paperwork).

What will I need to pay for while I'm on the road?

The only expenses you will have while driving for Tempus Transport are your own personal expenses. We pay for all truck expenses, fuel, tolls, truck washes, maintenance, etc.

Who pays for fuel and repairs?

We issue each truck a fuel card that can be used at Loves/TA/Petro. We also cover the costs of all truck maintenance and repairs. Since our trucks are always on the road, we rely on our drivers to do thorough pre- and post-trip inspections and to report any problems to us right away. We can’t fix what we don’t know about. Tempus Transport reserves the right to charge the cost of an unnecessary tow or repair to the driver in cases of gross driver negligence (i.e. failure to report wear items such as brakes, tires, etc.).

Do I have to drive really fast to achieve 100% on-time performance?

Absolutely not! Pick-up and delivery times are scheduled based on an average speed of 47 MPH. If you are driving steadily on mostly interstate highways, you’ll average about 55-58 MPH. We ask our drivers to trip-plan to always arrive at a shipper or consignee at least 1 hour before the scheduled time. That way, you’ll always have extra time in case of unexpected delays such as construction, getting lost, or incorrect addresses.

How are the loads dispatched?

Each truck is equipped with a QUALCOMM satellite unit. Load offers are sent out by Panther over the QC. Drivers consult with Tempus Transport before accepting or refusing a load.

Is there forced dispatch?

No, as an independent contractor driver, you always have the final right of refusal. Keep in mind, however, that limiting where you are willing to drive will also limit your earning potential. We are looking for drivers who are willing to work within our system and be successful.

I have a CDL-A. Can I get experience in a straight truck, and then move into a tractor trailer?

Yes! Panther has a Straight-Truck-to-Tractor-Trailer program and we highly encourage interested drivers to ask about it. This allows a driver to get his 6 months OTR experience in a straight truck. He then takes a 1-week refresher course, which Tempus Transport pays for, and after that he can move to a tractor trailer.