Advice for managing life on the road

Advice for managing life on the road

I got the chance to sit with a few of our drivers and ask them about how they manage their time on the road. These guys have some awesome advice for what to do, what to eat, and how to make the most of your downtime. Check out the video to hear what they said about:

  • How they fill their downtime
  • What they like to eat out and how they save money on food
  • Managing life with a teammate
  • Trip planning and time management best practices
  • What to do when running a longer load
  • Meeting their hygiene needs

2 Replies to “Advice for managing life on the road”

  1. OTR is not for everyone. With that said, life on the road is what you make of it! My experience has giving me the opportunity to see the states, while getting paid. In a straight truck, I have the ability to park and do pretty much as I Please! Focusing on picking up and delivering your load on time! I grill, fish,sight see, you name it! I’m blessed! Negative feed back welcome!

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