You Are Detained at a Shipper or Consignee


Professional drivers can be delayed and detained at the docks of shippers and receivers, waiting for their truck to be loaded or unloaded. Detention is a charge Panther assesses when a shipper or receiver holds a truck. Detention time begins two hours past the scheduled appointment time.

Any Detention paid by Panther on a pro is paid to the truck and split between the two drivers. However, we cannot pay you for detention that Panther does not pay us. It is essential that the driver properly documents detention owed on the Pro Bill by doing the following:

  • Under Charges: Note that Detention is due, for how long, and where it occurred. Abbreviations are acceptable. For example, "detention @ cons"
  • Circle the appropriate in and out times on the Pro Bill.┬áIn the above example, you must circle the in and out times at the consignee.

Detention that is not properly documented will not be paid to drivers.

This is an example of how to bill for detention: