Your Truck Needs Service


At Tempus Transport, we pride ourselves on keeping all of our trucks safe and in top mechanical condition at all times. We depend on our drivers to diligently perform daily pre- and post-trip inspections, and to notify us when repair/maintenance issues arise. If you fail to notify Tempus Transport of any repair/maintenance issues, you will be responsible for emergency repairs.

Anytime a truck goes into a shop for repairs or maintenance, the driver should provide the service writer with our phone number (888-390-7099). Tempus Transport requires a written estimate for all repair/maintenance work.

A representative of the Tempus Transport Maintenance Department must authorize all work.

Drivers will be held fully responsible for any and all unauthorized repairs, voided warranties, and/or any loads lost or jeopardized by authorizing work without the express permission from Tempus Transport.

Invoices should be billed to:
Tempus Transport
1612 Perry Highway, Suite 100
Portersville, PA 16051

Fax: 724-299-8706

REMEMBER: All maintenance receipts should be scanned under a separate cover sheet using the same method used to submit paperwork.

Preventative Maintenance
You will be notified when your truck is due for periodic preventative maintenance. PMs are usually done at Metzeler Bros., FYDA, or Speedco. By using these approved locations, we ensure that a qualified tech looks over the truck and will substantially reduce the risk of a future breakdown.