Are you ready for the roadcheck inspection spree June 6-8?

Are you ready for the roadcheck inspection spree June 6-8?

Every summer, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds an inspection spree, increasing the number of inspections it conducts on commercial vehicles. This year’s will take place June 6-8, 2017, and emphasize cargo securement.

Cargo securement is always part of the inspection, and many drivers think that they’ve complied because their loads are secure. There are, however, a few other things the inspectors look for that may not be top of mind. Be sure to:

  • Secure all truck equipment (straps, chains, tools, spare tires—basically anything else you’re carrying with the load)
  • Ensure all tie downs are in good condition. Frayed or torn straps can lead to a violation.
  • Use enough tie downs for the load. Nothing should be able to move or shift.
  • Tighten all tie downs completely and ensure they can’t come loose while you’re moving.

It’s also a good time to ensure all licenses, permits, and certificates are current, and that your tractor has a green 2017 IFTA decal.

In 2016’s inspection spree, 21.5% of trucks and 3.4% of drivers were placed out of service. Don’t let this be you! For more cargo securement tips, check out CVSA’s flier. Stay safe and compliant out there.

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