Top 3 reasons to go over the road in a straight truck

Top 3 reasons to go over the road in a straight truck

As an expedite company, the majority of the vehicles in our fleet are straight trucks. These have the same tractor you would see in a 53’ van, but there’s a box in place of the fifthwheel. The living space is just like being in a bigger truck, and you can operate on a Class B license. Tempus drivers sleep in their trucks to help maximize their availability and their income. Our most efficient, productive drivers typically see earnings comparable to those of a tractor driver.

These are some of the top reasons why Tempus drivers prefer rolling in a straight truck over a tractor trailer.

Many drivers come to us with a Class A license, but no experience, and so we talk to them about our straight truck to tractor trailer program to help them get started. Once that experience period is up, it’s not uncommon for a driver to decide to stay in the straight truck instead of moving to the tractor trailer.

Here are our drivers’ favorite things about driving a straight truck:

  1. Parking is much easier. You can use RV parking at truck stops and get closer to the building. -Tempus Drivers Steve W., Chris E., and Ken M.
  2. I enjoy the fact that I can go where most big trucks would have difficulty getting to with a trailer attached. It’s easier to get into different places you want to see out on the road. -Tempus Drivers William B. and Butch S.
  3. I’ve driven flat bed and dry van. Farm equipment long before that. In a straight truck you can turn around almost anywhere with the proper clearance. Much easier pretrip inspection losing the skid plate and extra axles. All around easier for the same rate of pay. -Tempus Driver David V.

Think you might be interested in straight truck life? Contact our recruiting department to learn more by calling 844-836-7878 or completing our pre-qualify form.

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  1. Been driving school buses motorhomes 20 years i live northeast al hour half from chattanooga just had dot phyical updated

    1. Thanks for your interest! Click over to the Pre-Qualify form on our website to get your info in to our recruiting team.

  2. I want to go back otr
    My fear is going through the same thing I went through with the tranier.
    She’s made it to the point where I am terrified of going back out.

  3. I like what you said about using RV parking spaces if you use a straight truck. My boss has been telling me about how he wants to start trucking in the coming months. I’ll share this information with him so that he can look into his options for getting the right kind of truck.

  4. It’s helpful to learn that using straight trucks makes parking much easier. I heard that my cousin needs to rent a truck to transport his products to another manufacturer in a few weeks. That’s why I think he’d benefit from reading your post about straight trucks and tractor-trailers, so I’ll email it right away.

  5. Don’t expedite for panther you’ll barely make over $800 a week in a straight truck I have a partner and we ran 4000 miles just to end up with crumbs

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