We’re hitting the road!

We’re hitting the road!

For the next several weeks, Tom and I will be joining the fleet out on the road! Look for us in straight truck #33097, which we’ll be using to haul expedited freight wherever it needs to go. 

When we stop for downtime, we want to meet you! Follow Tempus Transport on Facebook, or look for #TempusTour on Twitter to keep up with where we’re going. If you have a Class A or B CDL and are thinking about joining a family-owned fleet as a tractor or straight-truck driver, take advantage of this opportunity to meet the owners! Like all of our drivers, we will be taking loads as they come, so we won’t be able to promise any specific locations in advance.

We look forward to meeting you!

3 Replies to “We’re hitting the road!”

  1. If I were to join your fleet, where would I have to go for orientation and for how long..Do you have locations near Brockport NY ?

    1. Orientation is in our office in Portersville, PA. We provide transportation and lodging, and that’s really the only time you need to come to our office. Otherwise you’re out on the road.

  2. Am going thru panther background check now. I have been speaking to a recruiter and am being told 40/ 60 split. Yet all the info I see is showing milage pay? Have things changed since postings? Are loads hands free? If I come in with H and X endorsement will I be offered better rate? I see a lot of reviews about down time is this hit and miss? What about bonus system do you have one? If I have a financial goal will I be allowed to stay out untill I obtain that? Lots of questions Sorry just trying to get as much info as possible.
    Thank you

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