What type of driver succeeds with Tempus?

What type of driver succeeds with Tempus?

One of the many things that makes our Tempus fleet different from other fleet owners is the type of driver who thrives with us. Our drivers have each others backs out there on the road in so many different ways, and it becomes clear pretty early on if a driver is here to succeed in this fleet.

I wanted to share a recent example. Tempus driver R was one of my new recruits, and he was pretty eager to meet his co-driver and get going. He settled into the truck first and picked up his co-driver after a few weeks out on the road. When he met Tempus driver G, R was pleased to learn that G seemed to have the same positive, can-do attitude. However, G was lacking in some basic necessities for life on the road, including bedding for his bunk. R ran to the closest store and used his own money to buy G a bedding set, as well as a few other items. In this way, R was able to be a blessing to his new co-driver and ensure they would be able to get off to a good start together.

R didn’t do this for G because we told him to, or because we gave him the money to cover it. No, R is the kind of guy who takes it upon himself to do what he can to serve the people around him. What an awesome example of a servant’s heart!¬†We’re thankful for R and drivers like him, who look out for each other and understand that we all succeed together. Are you interested in joining our fleet? Complete the pre-qualify form to get your information to our recruiting team!

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