They just keep moving the line #TempusTour

They just keep moving the line #TempusTour

Since we’ve come out on the road for TempusTour, we’ve had one goal in mind—running more miles than our top running truck. He frequently runs well over 6,000 miles as a team in a week and has even run over 4,000 miles (legally!) as a solo in a week. We built this company based on our own practices out on the road that led to our early success, and wanted to show our fleet that we were happy to practice what we preach. Our top drivers will often say, “We just do as we’re told!”

We’ve been out for a couple months, and coming back from Thanksgiving break we were more ready than ever to prove we still had it. And we did! We finally beat out that truck’s miles for the week. But what we weren’t ready for was another team to beat us that week, especially such a new one! Tempus drivers Michael and Bennett were our top truck for the week following Thanksgiving, beating us by 94 miles!

While at first glance you might think we were disappointed to have not been top truck, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Collectively, as a team, Michael and Bennett have the shortest tenure to date in our fleet, and the least amount of experience with our systems and processes. But as the newest team, they took what we’re teaching them and proved that hard work wins out every time.

Being successful is all about your knowledge and your drive to succeed, being able AND willing. Clearly these two are both.

Congratulations Bennett and Michael! We can’t wait to see what your future will bring!

Think you have what it takes to be top team? Join us!

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